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Mission Statement

This Carcinoid Foundation, the first ever established in Canada, has been set up primarily to fund research of carcinoid syndrome, and secondly to help educate and raise awareness of this rare type of cancer.

Networking with local as well as international researchers will enable us to move us forward in helping those afflicted with this disease to enjoy a better quality of life, and hopefully, one day to find a cure.

By linking this website with carcinoid-related sites around the world, anyone searching for information into this disease will be able to access the most up to date information.

Donations of tissues afflicted with carcinoid tumors can help further this mission.

Donations of funds are paramount in assisting us reaching our mission. Without more funds, research is limited. Without research, we cannot move forward to combat this terrible disease.

It's all up to us - one person can't accomplish what is needed alone - together we can make a difference.

To make a donation, please use the main menu (Home) and select "Donate".

Thank you.