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Treatments & Information

Information about carcinoid from Novartis

 Information on Sandostatin Treatment from Novartis

Combination treatment of Sandostatin and alpha-Interferon


SIR-Spheres (Yttrium 90 targeted for liver tumors)
What are SIR-Spheres?
SIR-Spheres are tiny polymer (plastic) beads (about one third the diameter of a strand of hair) that are combined with yttrium-90, a radioisotope that emits pure beta radiation. Y90 (yttrium-90) has a “half life” of about 64 hours, that is, every 64 hours the level of radiation falls by one half until it is effectively gone after 2 weeks. The radiation from Y90 penetrates an average of only 2.5 mm (approximately 1/16 of an inch) in tissue. After injection into the artery supplying blood to the tumors, the spheres are trapped in the tumor’s vascular bed, where they destroy the tumor cells by delivering the beta radiation. The radiation is targeted to the tumor and after 14 days the majority of the radiation effect has occurred. SIR-Spheres are considered a regional treatment as the radiation is directed to the liver and does not affect other organs in the body.

This treatment is available at the Royal Victoria Hospital